Is it difficult to get your baby to eat???

Then you should know that a simple attitude, such as changing the way a dish is presented, might greatly stimulate a child to eat.

Check our no-mistake tips of today!

Highly original sandwiches

This idea is called Funky Lunch – happy food for happy children. Its creator, Mark Northeast, has released a book and has a website teaching how to make snacks more fun with sandwiches.

Different fruits

Cookie cutters can shape fruits into formats much more attractive to small children.

And forget those potato chips. That tool you use to make potato balls will be much better used to make delicious fruit balls.

And, what about a “lollipop” or a fruit stick?

Another good idea is fake ice cream: served on ice cream cones, small fruits become much more interesting to children!

Incredible salads and vegetables

I bet children will not frown upon salads with inspiring dishes such as these!

Vegetable sticks can certainly make up for delicious and healthy treats. Check an idea for accompaniment gravy here.

With fruits or an assortment of legumes and vegetables, you may create tiny animals, landscapes, figures and whatever your imagination lets you create! But be careful. You should not forget the main thing: if you want your children to get used to healthy eating, start by giving the example! Prepare colorful dishes and try to have family meals.

And remember: integrating children into food preparation is always an excellent way of stimulating them to try new stuff, in addition to providing good and fun family moments!

Enjoy it and see you later!

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